Production Package

The following is an outline of the Standard Producers Production Insurance Program. It is a general reference to the coverages the insurance policies would provide. It is not intended to describe all of the various details pertaining to the insurance. Actual coverages are detailed only in the policy of insurance and are subject to all terms, provisions, conditions and exclusions as contained therein. Please consult the specimen policy forms that are available upon request for a complete description.

The premium is calculated using the budget.

Rates for filming operations involving hazardous exposures and locations are subject to surcharges.


Cast Insurance

This provides coverage for the extra expenses or aborted expenses incurred as a result of the insured cast/key personnel or subject’s illness, injury, death or disability which interrupts the shooting schedule or completion of the production.

An appropriate application must be completed, and physical examinations/medical certificates are required for each individual to be insured which are subject to company underwriting approval.

Production Media

Film, videotape and digital media can be damaged or ruined by faulty camera equipment, improper handling or developing, or accidental exposure to light. It can also be lost in transit or while at the editing facility. This coverage includes the cost to recreate lost or damaged media. If it is not possible to reshoot the film and production is abandoned, Production Media Insurance will reimburse all insured expenses incurred on the production.

Faulty Stock, Camera & Processing

Included above or may be written with a separate limit and deductible. Covers loss to negative/videotapes or other media resulting from faulty stock, faulty processing, (developing or other laboratory work, editing, processing), faulty cameras & recording equipment, accidental exposure to light, accidental erasure of videotapes & sound tracks for the cost to re-shoot, restore or repair the damage.

Props, Sets & Wardrobe

Covers props, sets, scenery, costumes and wardrobe and some exterior back drop property, against Special Risks of physical loss as a result of theft, damage or destruction. We can customize coverage for antiques; fine arts; furs; jewelry and other unique items.

Production Equipment

Covers rented cameras, sound, lighting, generators, grip equipment, mechanical effects equipment, and editing equipment against physical loss as a result of theft, damage or destruction.

Third Party Property Damage/Care, Custody or Control Legal Liability

This is a Legal Liability coverage for loss or destruction to property of others while in the care, custody or control of the production company, including physical premises over which the production company is exercising physical control.

Extra Expense/Damage to Property

Covers extra expenses incurred due to interruption, postponement or cancellation of the production due to damage and/or destruction of property, equipment or facilities, including mechanical breakdown of equipment.

Office Contents

Covers damage and theft of office equipment, portable laptops, furniture and fixtures other than production property & equipment.

Money & Securities

Covers cash and securities which belong to the production company if they are stolen or destroyed.

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