Producer's E & O

In order to distribute your program you will be required to provide Producers Errors & Omissions Liability, sometimes referred to as Media Liability. In some instances, (i.e. certain networks) a policy may be required DURING production. Or, if you have an investigative style production, you may want to have coverage in-force when starting pre-production and research.

The following is required to obtain Producer’s Errors & Omissions Liability coverage:

  • Application Form - The application fully completed, dated
    and signed. Some applications require that your Attorney sign it as well
    and also review the Insurance Company’s Clearance Procedures.
  • Resume - Your resume or list of previous production works and credits is required.
  • DVD of the program to be insured.
  • Title Clearance Report (and Opinion) - unless this is submitted and approved, the policy will NOT include coverage for the title.
  • Distribution or broadcast contract - If coverage can be limited to a specific contract or broadcast, the premium will be less than taking a worldwide, any type of distribution policy.

You should plan to have the completed application and all required attachments submitted at least 10 days prior to the scheduled air date or as specified in your production and/or license agreement. The underwriting process takes at minimum of 7-10 working days on the average, and longer if the company’s attorney has any issues with something on the application form and further clarification from you or your attorney is required.

  • “We are very happy with the service of C&S. The staff is very responsive and takes care of any requests quickly and professionally.”
       —  Sunny Han, Producer, Local Tiger International Co., Ltd., Taiwan