Commercial General Liability

Covers legal liability and defense costs for claims arising from occurrences during the policy period for Bodily Injury or Property Damage Liability.

Check your policy for Extended coverage such as products, personal injury and any limiting endorsements. Most policies have an aggregate annual limit of liability, which may apply per year, per performance or per project. The standard limit is $1,000,000.-per occurrence and in the aggregate. Higher limits are available see UMBRELLA Liability.

The premiums for live performances and performers are most often based on a small percentage of the gross remuneration (payroll and fees). Concert tours are usually rated on a per performance/show basis for the touring act.

The liability premiums for venues, concert promoters and others with actual control of the facility or who are contractually required to provide spectator liability are based on a rate per admission (paid & complementary).

Generally, venues are responsible for claims arising out of the premises and renters are responsible for claims arising out of the production or presentation. However, the exact responsibilities and claims can be shifted contractually.

Venue owners and renters (presenters) are urged to review the lease or License of premise agreement as well as all other contracts to determine the extent of liability and indemnification.

Separate foreign liability must be arranged if there are any operations outside U.S.A. and Canada.

Property Damage does not include damage to property that you own, rent, or occupy. See PROPERTY.

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