Worker's Compensation

Statutory coverage for employees injured on the job including medical bills, financial compensation for disability and death benefits. All benefits are administered on a State level and each State’s benefit levels and reimbursements for medical procedures differ.

It is important for producers and managers of tours to advise his/her insurance Representative of their itinerary and most importantly if they will be hiring any employees in other States or traveling to foreign countries.

The following States are “monopolistic” and you may be required to effect the coverage locally: North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming. In addition, some policies exclude Wisconsin and Maine or other States. If touring, your policy should include the following endorsements:

“All States”, Voluntary Compensation and StopGap Liability. For Foreign Tours, repatriation and local assistance coverage is available

Independent Contractors

Regardless of how you pay individuals (i.e. regular payroll or on a fee basis) it is generally held that if you exercised control over the conditions of employment you are considered the employer. Your “employee” would therefore be eligible for Worker’s Compensation Benefits.

Failure to secure coverage can result in fines and penalties in addition to out-of-pocket reimbursement of medical bills and loss of earnings.

Premiums are based on a percentage of the gross payroll/fees excluding royalties and reimbursement of expenses. The rates vary by types of work and by State of hire. Further information on employees and independent contractors can be found in our News & Info.

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