Property Floaters

To cover property owned, rented, or borrowed against “all risks” of physical loss or damage. Some standard exclusions are: mechanical defect, wear and tear, property while being worked on (i.e. cleaning and repairing), shortage of inventory or mysterious disappearance. Substantial sub-limits may apply to cameras, musical instruments, unusual mechanical or special effects, furs, jewelry and fine arts.

Employee’s Personal Effects Floater

May be required by applicable Union/Guild contract i.e. Actor’s Equity & AGMA. Coverage applies only while property is in the theatre and in transit – but only if the transit is the responsibility of the Producer. It does not cover the actor’s belongings carried by them to and/or from the theatre or in hotel rooms.

Business Interruption – Extra Expense

Coverage to reimburse Producer for extra expenses and loss of profits when performances are cancelled due to physical damage to the stage properties, musical instruments or venue. Or, the policy may be written to cover virtually any cause beyond the control of the producer exluding non-appearance of cast or lack of financial support.

Standard Exclusions: Strikes, Laws regulating construction or repair of building and other consequential or remote loss including power outage & weather conditions which may be purchased separately or as an endorsement.

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