Non-owned and Hired Auto


Most auto rental agencies provide very minimum limits of liability insurance for a charge per day; most will include Comprehensive & Collision coverage, often referred to as the Collision Damage Waiver.

In some jurisdictions, such as California and Florida, you may be required to provide the primary insurance if you rent a vehicle for commercial purposes. There are some coverage options to consider when renting vehicles:

You may purchase the Collision Damage Waiver from the rental agency along with higher limits of liability. However, you must read the fine print. Make sure that you comply with all of the rental company’s requirements such as listing each and every driver or coverage will be voided.

You may purchase the Non-Owned and Hired Automobile Liability policy with coverage for theft and damage to Hired, Loaned & Donated vehicles, as a supplement to the coverages the rental company provides. However, please note that the insurance policy normally has a fairly high deductible. Some credit cards provide Auto Physical Damage on auto rentals in the U.S. However, credit cards have limitations on the types of vehicles they will cover such as jeeps, vans, R.V.’s and high performance cars and their use. You should verify the terms of coverage with your credit card company before relying on their coverage. Terms of coverage are very restrictive.

High performance vehicles, antique or classic vehicles, big rigs, mobile homes, and other specialized or customized vehicles may not qualify for coverage and need a special rider.

Non-owned & Hired Automobile provides coverage for rented and hired vehicles to cover Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage to third parties in excess of any primary insurance in effect on the vehicle. Hired, Loaned & Donated Automobile Physical Damage coverage is also available. The estimated Cost of Hire upon which the premium is based is subject to audit at expiration.

Non-owned Auto
Coverage Limit
Bodily Injury $1,000,000
Property Damage $1,000,000

Covers excess automobile liability for hired and non-owned automobiles used in conjunction with an insured production. Provides coverage over any valid and collectible primary insurance and will provide primary coverage in the absence of valid and collectible insurance, or where required by law or contract. Subject to policy rates and based on actual cost of hire.

Hired, Loaned & Donated Automobile Physical Damage
Coverage Limit
Per Vehicle $125,000
Aggregate All Vehicle $1,000,000

Standard Deductible is 10% of the Loss subject to a minimum $1,500 deductible per vehicle. Premiums are calculated based on actual cost of hire.

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